Be a Part of the New York City United Nations Week 2016. Opportunity to organize, host, sponsor, attend and event, or launch a new Partnership!

The New York City United Nations Week 2016 initiative, spanning from September 19 - September 26 is made up of numerous Action Platforms to serve as a catalyst for coordinated and collective action; coordination between the host city (New York City) and the visiting governments, and collective action among those who wish to organize, host, sponsor or launch an event through the use of our ACTION PLATFORMS.

activities in parallel with the week

New York City   United Nations Week 2016


the official calendar 

The Official Calendar reports on all activities Diplomacy-related.  The calendar consists of a  schedule of activities organized at the United Nations in connection with the United Nations General Assembly. 

Check out our Calendar of activities for more. 



Week of International Affairs:

diplomacy, Business, multiculturalism and diversity

how to participate


Opportunity to Organize, Host, Sponsor or Launch is available through the use of our Action Platforms.  Also available is the opportunity to post your event or a special week offer.  To attend, find your activity of interest on our calendar and follow the RSVP instruction for the event accordingly.  For general information, send us an email, do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email at: