New York City   United Nations Week 2018


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Opportunity for New York City and Visiting Governments

For New York City, the initiative is an opportunity to harness the full potential of this week of international affairs to stimulate the local economy and give salute to the city's Multiculturalism and Diversity make-up as a critical driving force.  

For Visiting Governments, the initiative is an opportunity to network about town, outside the walls of the United Nations, including stops at City Hall, Wall Street, and throughout New York City's outer-boroughs.    

About the new york city united nations week 2017

Business & NGOs

Hotels, Restaurants, Galleries, Museums, Tours, The Financial District, Academia, Philanthropy, Faith-based, Foreign Business Associations, scientific and technical experts.


The Largest Convening of World Leaders Anywhere

United Nations Week, which to the city of New York, occurs during that fourth week of September when the city plays host to the largest convening of world leaders anywhere. 

More than 190 Countries Arrive in Town 

 It is during the week that heads of State, or otherwise dignitaries of governments from more than 190 countries arrive in town to address the United Nations General Assembly.   


Many other Activities outside the Halls of the UN 

The official occasion, over the years, has been met with high anticipation not only among governments but also stakeholders from business, academia, faith-based, the investment community, and philanthropy alike.  Outside of the halls of the United Nations, the high-level week would traditionally attract a myriad of international bilateral meetings, locale-based town-hall gatherings, business think-tanks, trade shows, and live entertainment with public concerts.


New York City & New York State Governments, Foreign Governments Political, Economic, Trade & Investment Offices.  

A Week of International Affairs: Diplomacy, Business, Multiculturalism and Diversity


The Financing for Development Business Advisory Group with the support of Xen Pi Capital and the collaboration of a host of foreign government offices is proud to convene the first New York City – United Nations Week, a week of International Affairs focused on Diplomacy, Business and Multiculturalism and Diversity.   The initiative comes into existence at a time of ever-increasing interdependence of nations for prosperity, peace and security where the challenges of poverty, social and income inequity, job creation, business development, inclusive economic growth, and climate change are interconnected, and hence beg for new bridges of understanding among peoples and a world economy that leaves no one behind.    

The New York City United Nations Week 2016 initiative is made up of numerous Action Platforms to serve as a catalyst for coordinated and collective action; coordination between the host city and the visiting governments, and collective action among those who wish to organize, host, sponsor, post, attend an event, or launch a business in support of development goals.   
Who Should Participate
:  New York City local business community, Visiting Governments, UN Permanent Missions, Foreign Consulates, Trade & Investment Offices, Industry Associations, Banking, Finance, Ecumenical entities, Academia.

Week of International Affairs:

diplomacy, Business, multiculturalism and diversity